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A feat that requires the presence of male genitalia, and a wild bull. A male is walking down a gravel road. He then spots a wild bull. The male cautiously, and stealthily, sneaks over to the bull before ripping his pants off, frantically yanks on his scrotum to allow enough slack to tie a lasso and captures the animal with said lasso. Unfortunately, this feat can only be done by a handful of men in North America due to the lack of "slack" a normal scrotum possesses. This feat reached its peak in fame during the late 1940's because of the famous traveling circus performer "Mike Oxlong".
Lucas: Hey Obi, see that wild bull over there?
Obi: Yeah, what about it?
Lucas: Watch this shit!
*Runs over to bull*
Obi: Holy shit! I didn't know you could perform the Testicular Lasso!
by TESTICLETWISTER October 03, 2016
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