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A NPC from the game Fable 2, famously known from the Demon Door "Terry Cotter's Army". The player will enter the room, to find a small house, in the house there is a room with a skeleton on the bed, and knights standing all around his bed and in the room. Much like the Terracotta Army, which can relate to Terry/Terra Cotter/Cotta. These are Cotter's knights, behind the house, there is a gate and a small path that leads to a cave where most of his knights are, they stand there, some in clay or gravel / ground. Once again, resembling the Terracotta Army. If you look around the house as well, there is a book that says when Terry was a child, his mother always told him to not go beyond the gate, because it was not his time to go there.
Terry Cotter
by SeanTheGreat June 27, 2009
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