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Terri-face. A commonly found thing, yet never really declared with a wording. A terriface stands for a terrible face.

When someone pulls an very arrogant or stupid looking face, wich is so terrible you cannot look at it due to sheer disgust, he/she made a terriface.

Definitions of terriface:

1. A terribly stupid face.
2. A handicapped persons' face.
3. Someone very very ugly.
Dude1: ''Oh my god, did you see the face when John fells?''
Dude2: ''Yeah, what a terriface!''

Dude1: ''He wants to hang out with us.''
Dude2: ''Ugh, his terriface will destroy our rep, REFUSED!''

Dude1: ''Hahaha, man did you watch the special olympics?''
by Dan the Man NL August 17, 2009
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