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Terramonte- for those shoppers that go to both Serramonte and Tanforan to shop on the same day. Located in the San Francisco Bay area Peninsula, Serramonte Mall is located in Daly City California and Tanforan Mall is located in San Bruno California and are 4 miles apart. Otherwise known as the bermuda triangle of cash, one may go back and forth between the two malls more than once in one day on a quest for everything you need.
Ashley: Hey Oscar, where are you going?

Oscar: to Terramonte. I need to get some shoes, socks, a skate board, a pipe, a Raiders shirt, tiers and diapers.

Ashley: Ok. Could you pick me up a book and some laundry detergent from Target too?

Oscar: Sure thing. But I am going to need some cash. I only have enough to cover the skateboard.
by Terramonteshoppah January 19, 2012
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