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A fictional species from the Pokémon franchise that made its debut in the 2010/2011 Nintendo DS video games Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version as Pokémon species #498, serving as the Fire-type starter Pokémon for the Unova region.

It is basically a Fire Pig Pokémon whose name is a portmanteau of either "tepid" (as in "lukewarm") and "pig" or "temperature" and "pig".

When it was originally announced in Japan, it had a rather mixed reception amongst Pokémon fans. Some of the more positive reactions toward this Pokémon's official art mention its smiling face which looks similar to the awesome face. Before its official international/English name was announced, it had several different fan-given nicknames, with the most prominent being "Pignite", "Pignition", and "Hamferno". Later on, several fans were disappointed when it was revealed that both its evolutions were Fire-Fighting types, a type combination that's already been done before on the evolutions of the previous two Fire-type starters, Torchic (which evolves into Combusken and Blaziken) and Chimchar (which evolves into Monferno and Infernape).
Tepig sounds like it's "teh pig"!
by Just Another Anonymous Person November 30, 2010
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The second of the Pokemon of the Unova region.
The Starter Pokemon of the Unova region are: Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig.
by babtothebone February 13, 2011
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