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Teonnie is the mean girl who has a anger control problem. But actually, she’s just outgoing, smart, fun to be around and just has a lot of laughs. If she’s mean to you, it’s most likely she’s flirting with you. She’s loyal to those she loves and never takes anyone for granted. A Teonnie would make a good friend or girlfriend. You should get you a Teonnie!
Was Teonnie being mean to you earlier?

Your so lucky she probably likes you!!
by Tnote March 19, 2018
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A dirty bitch that can't keep her legs closed not even for a duck boy.she is a ugly rat that doesn't deserve to live
Dude:did u hear about teonnie at that party last night

Dude2:ye she was giving Jorge head in the closet
by Bibiviviviviv June 26, 2017
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