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The hottest bitches on this side of America. To good for any of the guys inhabiting the camp, the four girls would listen to Santeria while imagining away all of the flaws of the boys of the Tent Unit. At 1:30pm everyday of July, the flaps of the tent would open up, revealing the four lolitas to a swarm of 12 year old suitors. By saying mildly flirtatious things, each of the boys would leave at 2:30, dreaming of the chance they so wanted to have with the hotties in Tent 11. The girls had many an amusing time, one being threatened to be raped by a young, but very sketchy boy who weighed about 50 pounds and had to be fed through a tube in his stomach. Another peed behind the tent, an event that was claimed to have been witnessed by a boy who was in love with her, and had also popped a squat (but taken a dump) behind his tent a few days before. The resident blonde of the tent had a flaming marshmallow dropped on her flaxen locks by one of the boys who Tent 11 referred to as the "BroFros", after canoeing, and almost dying, across a dark and stormy lake. The last, but not least member of the tent, was an intent, and very skilled yogi master, who was even better than the instructor of her class. The dancing to "Hey Mama" was better than even Beyonce could do, with a the best Brazilian bootie shake seen outside of the move's native country. The skirts were also shortest, but worn in a classy and very appealing way. At night, the girls would have long a lovely discussions on the "Directions for Sucking on the Male Figure's Penile Area" and "Wang-Wangs", before drifting off into sleep and having lovely dreams. One memorable day, the girls and some decent looking boys, ventured out on the DC, and while sailing by the disturbed boys camp, they were mooned, and two boys who had been pushed over into the water (as a joke, of course) were attacked by the disturbed boys who were fishing for their dinner, but turned their fishing rods onto the stranded boys. The four hot girls of Tent 11 are now all living in their respective homes within the state of NY, alone and pining away for their best friends.
Wow, I wish that my girlfriend looked like someone from Tent 11.
by A resident of Tent 11 May 08, 2005
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