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A word used predominately amongst the Squad, and gradually gravitating throughout the London area, to describe a blatant lie. The word originates from Tenshot Jones who is notorious for pitching massive tenshots. Jones coined the term by claiming that former Man Utd Striker Andy Cole, had the nickname "TenShot Cole" due to his strike rate of 10 shots per goal. Jones was adamant he was right but after stringent investigation no evidence was found of the nickname ever being used and the term was born.
Gav -Ids, did you know that the man who held the Guiness world record for "the most drugs to have ever been taken by a single human being" died today after being attacked by a pack of dogs he thought he saw?"
Ids - Gav, I cant believe your still pitching this bastard joke.. what a fucking tenshot.
Ben -"Massive ten. Sounding like bill"
by bigdogik October 19, 2010
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