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1. A shortened form of the phrase "temporary amnesia" describing the phenomenon when you forget what you were just doing, eating, watching, etc.

2. Waking up and feeling that there is some RANDOM_ASS body lyin next to yo naked ass and you try to guess who is it before looking over like a damn fool to see if you were about who dat bitch was. Worst case scenario... Dat BITCH is a DUDE.
1. *watching tv show*

Commercial comes on...

"Shit, what tv show was I just watching!? I for shit can't remember for the life of me... Fuck, I feel like such an idiot! I got a bad case of tempnesia."

2. "Mmmm hot damn! That's a really good taste in my mouth! I wish I could remember what I just ate 2 minutes ago so I could eat more... I got tempnesia. Fuck."

3. *wakes up*

*senses other ppl(s) present*


*looks over at dat hoe*

"Daaaaayumm. It was Linda... I got tempnesia like hell."
by Hunlex August 29, 2010
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