In short, a band started by Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron(Soundgarden)Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard (Mother Love Bone) Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) and then unknown singer Eddie Vedder to pay tribute to late Mother Love Bone member Andrew Wood who died of a drug overdose.

Andrew Wood was Chris Cornells former roomate and friend. Temple of the Dog created only 1 album with the hit single "Hunger Strike" which features a Vedder and Cornell duo.

Temple Of The Dog is just a mere piece of history that was formed between these two bands (Soundgarden and Pearl Jam) as they became two of the top Grunge bands.

The bands album and purpose was that of true friends and music heros. The
Hunger strike - "I don't mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadence....."

Temple Of The Dog made good music such as that.
by Anastasia Beverhausen October 10, 2005
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Somewhere great, the place that you have always dreamed of.
For the past week i've been living in the temple of the dog. Its been great.
by REaCh FAR November 23, 2009
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