It is said in a chanting like mannar where you pause after every sylable. You may choose to use fist motions up and down to further the sarcasm of the statement. Tell it again! Tell it again! is used after someone tells a terrible story or just states some form of information that you find unecessary to the conversation. The fist motions work best when slammed upon a firm object to the beat of the syllables.
Example 1-
Person A: Oh my god, this morning I went to get coffee from starbucks and I had to wait like 10 minutes because the line was so long.

Person B: Tell it again! Tell it again!

Example 2-
Person A: I can't stand people that count exact change with a long line of people behind them at the grocery store.

Person B: At my grocery store some lady takes forever to bag the groceries.

Person A: Tell it again! Tell it again!
by Danni yo! July 17, 2008
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