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The beautiful captain of the submarine Tuatha de Danaan, Teletha (Tessa) Testarossa is a sixteen year old character of the Full Metal Panic anime. She is part of Mithril, an organization bent on disabling terrorist groups around the world. She wears her platinum long hair in a braid, which she constantly plays with. Teletha is very clumsy, and even though she is captain of a military unit, she can barely fire a gun. She is in love with Sergeant Sagara Sousuke, also part of the Mithril organization. Testarossa is his commanding officer, and she is in a heated competition with Chidori Kaname for Sousuke's love.
Teletha Testarossa is hot enough to bang, but I'd be afraid that she's accidently fall out of bed in the heat of hot passion.
by krayler June 30, 2006
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