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1. Often known as the sexiest of all sexy beasts. Females know this person as the "other God of love". Giggity. Makes females horny on contact whether by plain speech or flirtation. Gives females orgasms by looking at them. Plain beast of love.

2. Very powerful name. This person often demands respect. If not given, this person will either resort to brain power or use his/her body power. Often known to be dangerous by either method.

3. A smart person, usually the top of his class, who doesn't particularly like to fight, although in a dangerous situation, will unleash his/her inner beast, like a tiger he/she will destroy the person starting with the face and ending with the destruction of the person.

4. this person is usually the best friend of a Martinez or a Jackman or a Smith.
"Did you see Telesford the other day. He/she totally got me hot and bothered when he/she walked past me."

"I know. He/she totally demands respect."
by joeman1642 April 07, 2009
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