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Found in the song "Symptom Finger" by The Faint, a word that encompasses the vast market of quick fix drugs (weight-loss, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, etc.) found on television. The "symptoms" usually appear with the ad/commerical and commonly aren't "real."
- telepharmavangelist
"They're selling these great weight-loss pills on TV! They'll even give you a free seven-day sample!"

"No, don't get them. Its just telepharmavangelism."

"Man, thats a good telepharmavangelist! Listening to him makes me want to buy the anti-depressants and make my life more full and joyful!"

"You've got to get the shit they sell;
The pills that fix the way to feel.
Now they've shown you what to get,
You feel it coming on."
by P. Hamster March 18, 2008
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