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The act of calling someone, most oftenly a friend, upon using the bathroom, #1 or #2, for two reasons: occupying yourself with conversation while on the toilet, and the primary reason of surprising the person you are talking to by interrupting the conversation through flushing at least once. In some cases, a moment of silence is used so the maximum flushing volume can be heard. After flushing the toilet, one may follow up by saying "Surprise!" of "You just got flushed!" and/or laughing hysterically until tears come out.
Caller: "Hey, what's up?"
Other Person: "Same old, same old, you?"
Caller: "Just been up to some teleflushing."
Other Person: "Teleflushing, what's that?"
Caller: "*silence*"
Other Person: "Hello, you there?"
Caller: "*flushes toilet*,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Other Person: "*chuckle*WTF?"
Caller: "You've been flushed!*hangs up*"
by Farshtoaster January 16, 2012
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