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After Dropping a Deuce you wipe once and there isn't even a pale brown stain on the toilet paper.
The origin is Dow Chemical's Teflon that is applied to frying pans to keep food from sticking. Ronald Reagan was known as the "Teflon President" because no one could get any scandal to stick to him.
John: Sarah can you check my spokes and balloon knot? I just wiped and there wasn't any stain on the toilet paper.
Sarah: nothing there
John: Hey, I just dropped a Teflon Dump!
by ExitRamp June 04, 2004
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When you take a dump but your anus stays clean so you don't have to wipe your ass more than once.
Extremely satisfying.
#1: Wow, you're back fast! Thought you was gonna take a dump?

#2: Sure did - got a lucky teflon dump!
by Poldi January 19, 2010
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