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A palindromic compound acronym that combines "Teenager" and NEET - A TEEnage Not in Education, Employment and Training.
It may be colloquially used to describe an adolescent person that either fulfills a current prerogative situation of a NEET while yet under the age of majority (Synonymous to Adolesceneet ), or a person who is facing, from desirability to an absence of accountability, becoming a NEET because their lifestyle, situation and/or prospects indicates so.

Though the nature of the word strongly depends on the root words themselves, the word teeneet independently functions negatively. Since a lax home school environment or categorical discontinuation from school without vocation does not necessarily infer someone a teenage NEET, it's use is compelled to remain in it's roots.
P1: "Hello, my little teeneet, you are aware what it means to be fired for a guy with little skills?"
P2: "I'll probably get another job, there must be an opening somewhere... and quit it with the word."
P1: "At this rate, next month's rent will force you back to your parents again. That optimism will come at a price if you aren't careful."

"13.5.24; China's buried teeneets, the trickled-down demographic most desperately available to migrate into Japan and California's chan chamber of internet ecstasy, and education in a different light."
by vennebell June 13, 2018
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