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Any of several teenagers seen sitting on the side walk, loitering in a park, generally hanging around in public places at all hours as if they have no home. They often travel in groups, and pool their money to buy snacks. They ussually have distinctive fashon senses, and sometimes wealthy parents whom they reject, or who have cut them off. These beautiful children of the streets need little to survive- only each others company.
*Derived from the urban waifs of the early 20th century.
Today I saw a bunch of hot kids wandering around santa monica. They didnt have purses or shopping bags, and they are there all the time, so I assumed they were teenage waifs.

Sarah didnt get a job, and her mom wouldn't give her money, so she decided to join the teenage waifs for the summer and sit around the park all day.
by WestCoastLisa June 22, 2006
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