How is everyone so obsessed over such a fake vision.
People fucking people fucking your mind.
Have you lost your grip, have you let go so easy.
Are you still caught up in the flash of a skirt or muscle tone.
It's so stupid that they can lose there sight on whats real so quickly.
Then say that "yeah we know it's fake" and continue on obsessing over there fictional friends.
Do you want to see a real drama, there are six and a half billion happening right now.
They change every evening. Creativity at it's maximum, all original.
Not a regurgitated teen drama marketed at idiots.
Fuck the lack of reality in a show made for weak simple minded fools.
Placing yourself inside the market boundaries.
Oh so i was wrong, it's me who has it wrong, i'm the one who should be enjoying and not criticising.
Are you the tool of them or are we the ones realising what it really is.
Endless cycle of death re-birth, travesty triumph, love and hate.
How dull.
How long does the cycle take, scribble in your diary, place them on your wall. Where is the obsession?
End of the year you throw it away, another financial miracle.
Where one disappears two more rise, a canabalistic rite with a name change.
Create another as quickly as you can, you might be alone with your thoughts.
All teen drama, your blight.
by Jereb April 4, 2006
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