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1. History(In a nutshut):Think of scene faggots and wanna be team Jacob fan girls putting their minds together. Usually it's when some faggot kid holds onto their dogs dick too long and doesn't know how to function so they decide to act like their "fetish of choice". Then they tend to attract a lot more faggots with the same problem, who "understand" them. They're a "family" and "not trying to intimidate anyone" attitude seems to have spread to EVEN MORE faggots out in the community. "Wolf packs" are generally in high schools.

Fashion: They like to wear little wolf tails, some faggy vampire teeth that they wish were jowls, black...purple.... Bunch of dark coloured clothing. LOTS of make up, even if it seems unnecesary. Think of it like the old show "Teen Wolf" but with a scene fag as the main star(s).

How they act: They like to bark and howl. When they get hurt they yelp. They have some kind of issue with violence seeing that they claim they're "peaceful". Faggot, you claim you're a werewolf. Act like it. Tend to gather under full moons and be... Wolf like?

tldr; Scene wanna be furries with superiority problems.

2. A way to describe an awesome 90's show.
~Run into a pack of teen werewolves~ Oh, hey ~hair flip~, didn't see you there. I was watching that chipmunk over there. ~Hair flip and an awkward pause as you try and pass~ Hey, want to go howl at the moon and stuff with us, like tonight? ~This is the part where you either become a faggot or walkaway.~
by coldfaggot January 20, 2012
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Teen werewolves, not to be confused with (furries, theriantrophy or totem animals) Is mostly common with teenagers, ages 15-20. A Teen werewolf is a person who likes to act, dress up and behave like an wolf. When it comes to dressing, it's mostly about fangs, tails, collars etc. Teen werewolves often have packs. They howl, growl, sometimes run on fours, they often have pack meetups. It's all about living like a wolf. It's a hobby and a lifestyle.
Teen werewolves are not lycantrophes, and when it's not about the wolf stuff, they mostly live their lives like any other human being.
"Did you see that kid with a tail?
"Oh yes, he's that teen werewolf named Wolfie Blackheart!"
by Wolfkidd June 03, 2018
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