It is the sitting on the phone talking about whatever and you both like each other but you are both scared of rejection.
Jasmine: me and Jason where talking about insert topic all night last night
Emmett: teen romance
by allieverthinkaboutisyou August 14, 2020
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This is when u can’t stop thinking about them and u try convince yourself time and time again you don’t love them but all u want rn is to lay beside them playing with there hair as u fall asleep but then u feel like u haven’t known them long enough or u start to think what if they don’t like me what if they ain’t thinking about me we’ll do they are they are doing the same thing as u but neither of u will make the first move bc your scared of rejection. THE END
Person 1 Hey look and Them over there

Person 2 Are they together

Person 1 Nah not yet

Person 2

Aww must be teen romance
by Hope you have a lovely day December 03, 2020
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