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Is usualy a "getto" gurl mostly white some times black never a mexican. She is thick but not fat has a BIG ass and attracts the wrong kind of guys. Most of her friends are guys cuz girls are girls have to much drama. She can drink anyone under the table and often loves patron. She has a MAJOR attitude problem and dosnt give a fuck wut anyone thinks about her. Shes also bisexual even if she dosnt know it yet. Shes attracted to black guys cuz they have huge dicks and white boys suck in bed. Shes most likly to be from New Orleans. She can sleep all day if nobody wakes her up and she like drugs, but shes NOT a junkie. She may seem quiet at times but dont piss her off she has a knife and knows how to use it
TK "Dayme man i want sum jiggas"
Gutta "Call Tee'Die, bitch allways got sumthin"
by Nikki Lutz December 09, 2009
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