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When you flicker your tongue in a menial way over a static area of the vagina, and induldge in the almost eternally fantastic time you're having whilst your chick is lying down proned with at least one raised eyebrow:
as she thinks "ok, I thought he'd be more adventurous than this - maybe the dog snuck in here - ohh god no, wrong, wrong JEV? "Yes hunny?". "Oh, it is you, listen would you consider keeping my vagina awake for me because this tedious tonguing you're applying to my female crotch is going to send me into one of my long slumbers at any minute". "Ok hunny I'll do as you told me, dip, swirl, pull, flick, dip, swirl...". "JEV... I think you may be hopeless...".
by Robert Head April 04, 2007
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