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Refers to that of a Geek, however is much cooler or rather dope. They are the cool kids of the science world. They know a lot about technology and advancements in modern science. They have a really high understanding of technology and how everyday things work. Technology jocks aren't your everyday "Geek Squad" of IT repair man they know the nooks and crannies of all technology, in the scenario that they don't they will learn quickly. They acel in both Science and Math, however not limited to those subjects. They argue their side until they are proven wrong or the opponent loses, they can be stubborn at times but are generally speaking nice and flexible. They are the type of person that will be very successful in life. They aren't the type of people to back down from a fight, but they know their limitations, because of this they constantly push themselves to greatness and new heights. Some times they are viewed as condescending or arrogant, however truly aren't, It's rather that they have high expectations for all. Technology jocks are cooler than any other "jock" e.g. "theater jock" "Regular Jock" (The ones who are good at sports). The Term Technology Jock should never be overused as the term "genius" is.
That Sean guy, he knows his technology, he's such a Technology Jock.

That Isaac guy is a really good programer, he's such a Technology Jock.

I'm not a nerd, I'm a Technology Jock.

Oh, That Sean guy, I'm so glad he is a Technology Jock. It would be so annoying if he were a Theater Jock, and always breaking into songs.
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