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To strip technology of all meaningful features, thereby violating its original intent to solve problems in an automated way. This is typically done by an enterprise through a series of decisions made by folks with no understanding of technology, e.g. legal or risk. Fears that drive to these decisions are typically focused on trying to prevent behaviors through technology limitations, without isolating that the issue is the behavior. The end result will likely be a set of technology that looks similar to the current technology set, just with a different look and feel on top of a fundamentally rearchitected platform typically costing millions of dollars.

The approach would be equivalent to not allowing knives in the cafeteria for fear of stabbings vs not hiring people who won't stab each other. Only technologically neutering costs much more.
They technologically neutered the SharePoint environment by removing everything but the list and document library. It is no longer usable for its core collaboration functions.

We have technologically neutered our mobile email by not allowing attachments.

They technologically neutered their CRM by turning off the workflow features.
by ColdheartedMatt February 23, 2012
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