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Definition goes toward the above average "Troll".
More defined as a "Administrative Wannabe Troll".
Can also be put in to old people not knowing or understanding everyday technology.
1*dude... stop acting like an admin...
1*then your like a troll...
And thus fail...
2*And yet, I get things done and the admins appreciate my reports.
1*Like I said before...troll
(not like a normal troll... more like an Administrative Wannabe Troll)
2*More like "I like order so please follow the rules because the admins can't be everywhere at once".
1* (Goes to 3*) My god people will give a dam over a screen shot won't they these days...
(Puts in new Definition on Urban Dictionary *Technologically Retarted*)
by Foxxel May 25, 2010
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