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A heirarchy consisting of five levels of computer knowledge:

1. Hackers: Any of the various people who can effectively program in more than 3 languages without referring back to a tutorial. Also, hackers have the capacity to access computers, but will only do it to expand the boundaries of knowledge. It is better to be considered a hacker than to consider yourself a hacker.

2. Crackers: Not to be confused with hackers, these people access computers and destroy the information on it, effectively damage it, or render it useless. Crackers are considered to be low-level people of vice by hackers, using their skills for evil where they could otherwise be a hacker.

3. Programmer: Any user who can effectively manage files and knows at least one programming language without having to refer back to a tutorial. Programmers may learn a system function, graphics design, or hardware as an alternative to a programming language. A programmer must often know enough about a computer to offer help or fix it if it breaks.

4. User: The standard user, who is capable of using a computer properly and knows enough to get himself or herself around. A user may need help if something should happen to the computer.

5. Newbie: A beginning user who has had no experience with a computer and normally needs assistance to do the usual tasks of a computer.
"Change 'document.alert()' to just plain 'alert()'. You don't need the 'document' to call the string."

"Mess with the best, die like the rest."

"Do you know any good tutorials on anything besides JavaScript?"

"I just use my computer to type up letters or essays and I'm done."

"What's this button do?"
by Relentless February 12, 2005
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