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The founding doctrine of the United Planets--it is an advanced form of governing--in which people and alien cultures--which are colonized on other worlds--unite in one social and economic form of government. Technoligion was created by the governing machines--which originally governed the first twelve planets and formed--the United Planets. Later--the League of Worlds was formed along with the League of Planets. These all make use of the artificial religion and government--called Technoligion.
Technoligion has twelve rules:
1. Mankind controls his own destiny
2. All objects are subjected to human understanding
3. Machines are an extension of man's will
4. The evolution of human beings is most evident in the creation of machines
5. Human beings believe
6. Future colonization on other worlds is made possible by man's creation of machines
7. Machines can do things that mankind can not do
8. Mankind needs to worship in order to understand
9. Worship is defined as "to believe in something greater than oneself"
10. Technology creates opportunity
11. Opportunity creates technology
12. Mankind worships technology--Technoligion is the worship of technology
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