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TechFlash is a young, and funny animator on the internet. He most known for his claymations on Some people hate him for the fact that he is only 12 years old, and his movies have mediocre voices. But some people like him for the fact that he manages to make funnier movies than most people on Newgrounds who are at least 2 times his age. Currently he is producing a series of claymation shorts known as, Stop-Motion Racers! It may be ok to say that TechFlash just might be the next Knox on the net!
Man, did you see that movie with the time machine made by that 12 year old TechFlash dude?

Yeah. It was pretty funny, but the voices sucked.

Still, it was funnier than most movies i've seen on NG.

Yeah you're right, man, this kid's good.
by Jason9985 July 16, 2006
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