Unbelievable juggalo artist from Kansas City. Never on the radio or MTV and does tours with ICP, Eminem, Twiztid, Esham, Anybody Killa, Three 6 Mafia, Bone Thugs 'n Harmony, etc. Amazing speed with slow beats, dark lyrics, and very strange subject matter. Infact, is on the record label, "Strange Music"
"The killa clowns in yo town raisin all hell"

Let's just hope Tech N9ne never goes mainstream...
by Spikesy July 14, 2006
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The best fucking rap/hip hop group ever, They have they're own unique sound.
"aint nothing better or wetter than that box"
That box -tech n9ne.
by dfkgjkljdfgjkldfg May 10, 2008
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An awesomely cool rapprar who likes shouting slurs at the movies, getting people to join his drinking club, getting hella one fiddy one on kool aid, and eating some fried chicken. Based in Kansas City, he spends his weekends being chased by the KKK. Most people say his name wrong, sounding out n9ne like nine, when it should be said like en nine en ee (Tech Eninenee)
HEY! Tech N9ne is cool!

by Lou, Caribou April 27, 2008
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