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A quasi-legal drinking game with simple rules. 1 minute of time is allotted for the two Tecate Boxers (referred to herein as the contestants) to shotgun a can of Tecate. 5 minutes of time are then allotted for a round of bare knuckle boxing. These six minutes constitute one round. The contestants play ten rounds for a match of Tecate Boxing, totaling one hour and ten beers consumed. Weapons are not only allowed but encouraged. There are no other rules. There are no winners in Tecate Boxing, only losers, unless you have clearly defeated your opponent, in which case you are the winner of Tecate Boxing.
Guy 1: Let us play Tecate Boxing this eve.
Guy 2: Agreed. I am going to belt you until you can no longer see.
Guy 1: K. I will go and retrieve the icy cool beverages.
Guy 2: Fuck you, you muppet.
by Soups McGee October 15, 2012
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