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tear-trace verb, the act of using your finger to trace the path a tear would make down your cheek in order to express sincere sadness at a person's misfortune or sarcasm at somebody's small (possibly first world) problem.

Present Tense: Tear Trace, Tear Traces, Tear Tracing
Past Tense: Tear Traced
Future Tense: Will Tear Trace
1) Friend: Dude, I'm so sad!
Me: *Tear Traces*

2) Friend: I have so much homework!
Me: Same. *Tear Traces*

3) Friend: I ran out of my favorite ice cream so now I have to eat ice cream that's only ok!
Me: *Sarcasticly Tear Traces* Boo Hoo.
by Oldwisehagg June 30, 2015
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