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A highly unreasonable radical and extremist who is completely removed from reality.

Despite the fact that most Teapublicunts barely managed to graduate from high school, over the course the last five years they have proclaimed themselves to be constitutional scholars, based solely on their misguided interpretations of the Second Amendment. Few Teapublicunts understand politics, economics, history, science, geopolitics, or even basic English, although this won't stop them from regurgitating the dubious talking points from Faux News and other Right Wing paranoia outlets.

Teapublicunts usually exhibit the following symptoms: extreme and often racially-tinged beliefs; the stockpiling of large quantities of weapons and ammunition in preparation for the Second Coming of Baby Jesus; extremely small penises, low self esteem, and Black-President-Penis-Envy; a dislike of government and welfare, in spite of their profound dependence on food stamps and Medicare; the inability to spell, use proper grammar, or form coherent sentences.
Person 1: Can't we just find some common ground and compromise with each other for the good of the country?

Person 2: No!!! Bama iz da Antee Christ whoose takin my freedomz and gunz and Benghazi and IRS and he ain't got no rite being Presidant cuz he's Muslim and born in Hawaii, not America. PATRIOT

Person 1: You're such a fucking Teapublicunt. I feel my brain cells dying by the second.
by MEO808 October 14, 2013
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