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A small Group of people that have a high interest for food.
Foods such as Souvlaki, Ice cream, Chips, Mc chicken and other high fatty foods are incorporated.
Their main object in the team is to develop into the most intellectual member about food and its quality’s
The team is very strict, and they have only started in Australia but are willing to turn into an international team.

Members of the team MUST have past experience with food, members can be anyone.
Desi, Kathy, Alex, Themi, Stef && more, ALL members are assigned to a number so the group will be sure of where all members are and once a member you can not drop out.
Steven hopefully a new member to become…
Members attend 3 meetings a week and discuss related topics.
* LOOK! the team piggys are coming to buy our Business out.

* I hate that team piggy, no. 3 ate all my peanuts.

* Member eats food, then walks to other member to eat their food, huge fight over food.
by havea guess August 10, 2007
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