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Established in the year 2009. The originators of the phrase "990". A group of dudes that enjoy being dudes and doing dude things. Specialized in the art of throwing Darts... and not getting drunk, but getting awesome. Yes. Awesomeness may this teams middle name, if it had one. They do stuff, man stuff. They all have specialties. Whether it be singing like the songbird of their generation, stompin fools at some video games, out drivin ya on the course, sinkin the 8 ball, slamming the long distance disc golf putt, knockin your block off or hittin that much needed bullseye... pretty much Ballin, Schoolin, 990in that shit. To descibe them in detail is mortaly impossible. Team 990 is the shizzle for rizzle even in your hizzle. Their some bad azz mo fos. They will 990 all newcomers in any challange on any playing field and out drink them in the process. They do what they do because its what they like to do and they have as much fun as possible while their doing what their doing, especially when they are 990in that shit.
Team 990!!!!
Yeah Team 990 990'd that shit!!!
You just got Team 990'd!!!
990 bitch!!!
How about that Team 990?!?!
Dont make me 990 your ass!!!
by kommakozzy December 03, 2010
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