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Women whom are lucky enough to be born with the elite "pristine" vagina which many women opt to obtain through surgical procedures, which noticeably lacks saggy or meat curtains, "roast beef", "brisket", or "Philly Cheese-steak".

Women who have such surgeries done (labiaplasty) are socially said to have "joined Team Glamour Puss".

Women who fall under the category of Team Glamour Puss have vaginas with physical appearance that most people are comfortable with. While ugly and unpleasant vaginas may be in the majority, these are the ones men (and lesbians dream about while they are pounding and daring to muff dive in the ugly ones.
Thoughts of Female Watching Porn: "This porno is lame, the guy is hot but I'm too distracted by the unsightly appearance of his female co-star's meat curtains to enjoy his techniques... I'm so glad I'm Team Glamour Puss!!!"

Exclamation: "Team Glamour Puss For The Win!!!"
by TGPFTW September 27, 2011
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