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A group of individuals who like to have fun by downhill biking, video games, non-alcoholic beverages, hanging out with terrible girls, destroying other people's social lives, interfering with cool people trying to get drunk and have fun. These people can commonly be seen wearing helmets and t-shirts in Oxford that display the letters of my fraternity (without my permission of course) and riding their BMX's at insanely high speeds. They are the lowest form of losers that happened to get a bid...a load that should have been swallowed.
Team Fun came to the House last night and told me to put my beer in a cup. I then responded, "I bought this in a bottle and I am going to drink it in a bottle. If you have any other questions you can direct them to my choch."
by Richard Wilson March 29, 2006
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A team of fun-loving individals originally started in Oklahoma City but quickly spreading to Austin, New York, Albequerque, Denver, etc. Team Fun! specializes in beer, bikes, power moves and overall fun (the first three make the fourth possible). Team Fun! members can typically be distinguished by the amount of noise they are making, the obvious amount of fun they are having, the amount of alcohol consumed, and, naturally, the home-made tank tops with Team Fun! stencils on them. Team Fun! can't stop.
Team Fun! goes hard in the paint!
by The Brains of Team Fun! September 08, 2010
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