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The best cycling team in the world. They have taken the world by storm in Tour de France in 2004. They´re a famous cycling team in Denmark. Captained by Bobby Olsen. Manager was Henning Primdahl. And the dutch sportstar Pim de Keysergracht. They were so genius that they began the Tour de France race at night whilst the others where sleeping. they actually won it that year, but unfortunately the whole thing was corrupt from the inside. So they actually didn´t win it. They got real mad, but they were then worshipped by Denmark. And later became Gods to the whole world. Oh and they are sponsored by a condom company called Team Easy On. That´s why they are called Team Easy On.
-Team Easy On are so good.
-Yes i know right?
-They won Tour de France in ´04.
by Rassyboy January 23, 2018
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