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(proper noun) a FIRST Robotics team from Dos Pueblos HS in Goleta that has now competed very successfully for 7 years. Their success has led to an entry that is full of lies. Team 1717 is led by a teacher from DPHS who became a MacArthur Fellow (sometimes called the Genius Award) in 2010 for his work in developing the DP Engineering Academy and the robotics team. A class of 32 students spend their first 3 years in the academy learning the science & math they will need for their first and only build season as seniors. Students design and build the 'bot under the guidance of local volunteer mentors (there are lots of them) and of course their teacher. Some parts are machined by the students, some by mentors, and some are outsourced (all of which are fine in the FRC). The millions raised were not for one season. The money was used to build and outfit an actual building for the DPEA which now has expanded to over 100 students per class year. It is a gift that will keep on giving for decades to come.
amir penguinbot FIRST Robotics Dos Pueblos High School Team 1717
by A Dos Pueblos alumnus April 28, 2012
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A group of seniors from Dos Pueblos who pretend to do their own work, but everybody knows they probably do not. It's so dang infuriating to watch them play the game because instead of the 3 student drivers or whatever it's supposed to be, it's 2 students PLUS AMIR. Really? And then, when you try to talk to them, they sell you a book. Also I think they have a movie coming out.... WTF?!?!

They also tend to reuse the same robot year after year because they only use seniors so they have inexperienced members and AMIR.

They even have a second mentor, but I don't think they've ever talked to him. They just don't want it to seem like Amir is their only mentor...

Raised 2 million dollars for one season, after receiving a one million dollar donation. WOW.
Judge 1: Hey, did you interview team 1717 yet?
Judge 2: Well I tried interviewing the kids but their mentor kept jumping in and taking over.
Judge 1: I'll f*cking kill him. Move.
Judge 2: No, gracious profess--!! Ah f*ck it. Go get him.
by sonyhdcx130 July 27, 2011
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