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Short for Teagan or El Teaggo, A person who loves manga, reading and math! Often headstrong and pretty dumb Teaggo's also enjoy reading 500 page books in a single sitting, they are loud mouthed and play violent video such as Fable, Halo, Assassins Creed, and many others. They never do their homework and write urban dictionary definitions instead! :D
"Oh god... It's Teaggo!"

"What the hel-? STOP BEING SUCH A TEAGGO!!"

"Stella ella ola, clap clap clap,
Singing S, Teaggo Teaggo, Teaggo Teaggo tap tap,
S Teaggo Teaggo, bologna bologna, with cheese and macaroni,
Singing one, two, three, four, five!"
by Teaggo Teagan October 20, 2008
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