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Mandate of the Tea Party as drafted by Tea Party ruler Sarah Palin who aspires to soon be the Great Hegemon of the Earth
β€œThe Tea Party Mandate:
1) If you dont understand it, get rid of it
2) All government spending must be abolished except conservative pork barrel spending programs.
3) Dont pay to fix public schools. Offer vouchers instead. (Wait a minute, arent vouchers an entitlement program?)

4) Top priority to make masturbation illegal.

5) Ban all books except the Bible and anything written by Gingrich, Levin, Beck, Palin or Limbaugh.
6) Impose moral values and standards on all Americans.
7) End welfare except in cases where people incorporate themselves as a business and beg for funds.

8) Privatize social security so people can see their retirement savings go down the drain the next time the economy tanks under Republican control.

9) Make July 4th "Palin Day"
10) If they ask a question, dodge. If that doesnt work, parrot talking points passed on from Beck and Palin. If that doesnt work then just use witchcraft to dazzle the masses.”
by tea party truther September 21, 2010
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