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One of the baddest bitches on the internet. Fluent in atheism, feminism, psychology, political science, current events and ghetto speak. Eats teapublicans for breakfast meninists for lunch. Also known as the queen of fudge and a generally nasty woman. Red heads do it better.
Tayrn is awesome.
by Tuofmd December 19, 2016
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Tayrn is a hoe bitch and slut she copy's anyone she sees and doesn't have a true self she doesn't stand out in the crowd and can back stab you if you ever see a tayrn don't be friends with her!
Girl 1:Omg is that tayrn

Girl 2: omg yea I heard she back stabbed Lucy

Girl 1: omg yea what a bitch
by Jessica currie December 06, 2017
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