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A brain-dead slut and a whore who attends Trabuco Hills High School! Will wear shorts even on a cold and rainy day to get attention for her ass! "Likes" when she overhears boys calling her a ho! Says she's a "virgin" but talks in great detail about giving a man a blowjob and removing a pubic hair from her mouth! When Facetiming a boy, finds an excuse to move her phone's camera so he can see her ass! When talking to a guy after school while waiting to be picked up, will jiggle her boobs in her hands and make some excuse for it like saying her bra needs to be adjusted! Likes to tell students that she can twerk! Usually hits on one guy for two days, then likes someone else! Talks about playing with a dildo and vibrator in her bed every night!
"Do you see that nasty slut giving those three men blowjobs here in public?!"
"She must be a Taylore Creaghe!"

"Why is the lady sitting next to me fingering herself right here in class?!"
"She isn't a lady! She's a Taylore Creaghe!"
by BlackHairCape July 03, 2018
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