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Taylor Gang is a group led by rapper Wiz Khalifa.Some other rappers apart of the group is Currency.Taylor'd is when you make money, got tats, get high all the time, and get all the fine chicks. Taylor Gang or die. People that are taylor'd tend to wear Chuck Taylors/Chucks aka Converse's. Originated in the city of Pittsburgh. Colors they rep and wear are black and yellow. Thats where Wiz Khalifa got the song "Black and yellow" from.
Everybody that im with Taylor'd.
Taylor gang.
You wanna know how i do my thang.2 words. Taylor gang
by Dj/D3 January 18, 2011
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a very very hot girl that is always on everyones mind. very easy to convince and persuade. once she makes her mind up about something it is sorta hard to change it. She usually has a best friend named JanselOLOL, who is almost as sexy as her. She can be nice but when your nasty to her she shows no mercy. One badass girl. Gets in trouble alot for stupid things because she cant control her sexy lips. Insane and a funny duck
Dude 1: Taylor D's lips are so full
Dude 2: I wish i could make out with her...
by Jackie Lacky March 09, 2009
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A girl who is the most amazing sexy hot stuff. She has the curves of a goddess and loves to sext. Has hair that is gonna fall out some day with all of the dying she does to it... but loves it when ppl pull it hard :)
Austin was sexting a Taylord who was having her hair pulled by her best friend Lauryn!!
by best friend of taylord April 28, 2009
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A "Tay Lord" is an over sensitive cunt who has no come backs to any insults and thinks they are better than everyone else.

"Tay Lords" are irrational, unethical beings that are short tempered and like to see people suffer.
"I like watching people die"

"Jesus, your such a Tay Lord"
by Skwadran June 19, 2018
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Someone who is very nice and gorgeous. Almost as amazing as every other girl but just a bit better. Very hot, smart, funny, and nice. Anyone can be a Taylor D. but it is very hard to reach that level.
That girl has finally become a Taylor D... lucky bitch
by Lauren Darcy August 28, 2017
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