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Against Taylor Swift. Thinks highly of themselves and "mature" Usually listens to unpopular music and are in their own little world thinking they know what "real" music is. Although there are some completly messed up haters. Usually can write insanely long paragraphs trying to pick and blow up every little flaw about the country superstar. Ignorant to see she writes about her emotions and writes about guys to express their feelings. Haters take this into another direction and decide it's garbage and think that girls shouldn't listen to this and go cut themselves or something to vent instead of venting with Taylor's songs. Should realize that artists aren't all the same and work toward diffrent priorities and try to attract diffrent groups of people. Concieted and likes to form packs in order to take down girls' spirits. Unaware of the vast new audience Taylor has brought to Country music even if she's not 100% country. Can or can not have a life, it's their decision. They're not that bad. Could just lay off Taylor and her fans.
Taylor Hater Responses
"The only people who can relate with her are teenage girls who like boys way too much. You call that "real people?" Please."

"taylor swift yodels and needs singing lessons. i was born in pa too and shes a bad influence on the state. and who ever heard of a country singer from pa?"

"Taylor Swift the 3 Chord wonder. It just goes to show that today's music is not about talent, but about looks. Being a one time Abercombie & Fitch
is the only thing she has going for her. Just Another Album To Burn! "
by Ishyla June 15, 2009
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