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an amazing girl, that any guy would kill to call theirs. She consists of beautiful Hazel eyes, a cute button nose, and the chubbiest cheeks ever.

she is a bit of a tease and loves getting complements. treat her with respect or get knocked the fuck out.

she is the type of girl that will absolutely blow you away at first glance, she will make guys believe in love at first sight. Her beauty is something out of this world, it is classed as a world phenomenon.

You will fall in love with her instantly, and you will fall hard, she is a every loving and caring person, and has a solid heart of gold, this beautiful girl went through hell and back and has the scars to prove it.

Tayla Jade Gorman-Howell, is absolutely exceptional,and any guy would die for her.
girl 1: "whos that girl over there?"

girl 2: "thats tayla jade gorman-howell, shes so amazing and pretty."

girl 1: "i wish i knew her better, she definateley stands out from the crowd, and looks absolutely stunning"

girl 2: " i think you should try, getting to know her could pay off, she is amazing and treats everyone with respect."
by Aluhbye February 24, 2013
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