A Tavistock is derived from the old English terms of Tavi and Stock.

Tavi - meaning a smallish stannary market town full of a mix of grave dodgers, middle class social climbers with no social conscience and working class locals who think that feminism is for queers.

Stock - from the Latin meaning of St "looks nice in summer if you can see through the tourists and hear the birds above the American Tourists exclaiming their surprise that this Tavi has a shoe shop" and Ock - nice place to go before you die
Tavistock Cemetery

Tavistock Campsite

Tavistock Free for all parking, even on roundabouts

Tavistock Housewives

Tavistock Young mothers

Tavistock Old mothers with Range Rovers

Tavistock Retired Colonels


Tavistock Hyacinth Buckets by the Bucket

I've going to have do a Tavistock - I've given up any hope of succeeding in my chosen career, or I'm too old to care any more so I'm going to die here or kill some young people in my car
by Radio4head January 29, 2011
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Zorra-Tavistock is derived from the old Russian term Zorra (meaning 'crazy town'), and Tavistock, a famous Russian linguist better known as Graeme. Liberally translated Zorra-Tavistock means: Town of the crazy Canadian Graeme's.
by Brenda_islief August 25, 2015
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