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First used by russel howard in mock the week.

A womans or very fat mans titties.

Tatty Bojangles Aka Babylons Aka Breasts.
Whip your Tatty Bojangles out you whore !

Daym da's some big Tatty Bojangles Dawg !
by fatcunt July 09, 2009
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Breasts, Boobs, Melons, Tits, Milk factories, Wongles, cushions, bongo's, coconuts, mammary glands, Jugs, Cans, Funbags, Rack.

Massive tits.
Jack: So what did you do last night Henry?

Henry: I Chubbed me some Tattybojangles, man.

Example 2:
Henry: Check out the tattybojangles boyo.

Jack: Man dey is huuuuuge. sweeeeeet.
by Henry leonard. July 17, 2009
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A euphemism for boob. First used by Russel Howard on the UK television show, Mock the Week.
"That girl has some lovely tatty bojangles."

"I would like to feel your tatty bojangles."
by Esinsiefil September 20, 2009
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