the best name you could ever give yourself, and the true meaning of life.

the truth to life
no one can deny this unless you're not Asian. if you're not asian or don't know what chopsticks are, I pity you very deeply. you're missing out.
what the heck?! what are those?

it's chopsticks. chopsticks taste like cardboard

woah bro you're right...

yeah bro i know
by crumbledown October 28, 2019
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Stiffness in texture or taste “appetite left” .

It's a comparison. They're not saying it is literally inedible, they're saying it tastes similar to something inedible
Her “Pussy taste like Cardboard “..

Them taste testers taste like cardboard 🤢🤮
by Dcmarylandvirginia December 31, 2022
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