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She is absolutely beautiful, she loves laughing, cute, bubbly and amazing! She doesn't like seeing anyone sad, she tries her best to help others but most of the time by trying to help others she ends up hurt, she tends to forget herself for others. She loves having fun and loves anyone who can make herself laugh and enjoys every part of her life, she lives her life to the fullest. She is taken by her secret prince,she will marry the most amazing guy ever.

She is very kind-hearted and honest! Just sweet and adorable, she would give up anything and risk herself for her loved ones. She is like angel, innocent and fun! She is very friendly and loves talking...she is very talkative.

She is an original as she does what her heart tells her to do. She is a girl full of good intentions and never has bad. She is clumsy time to time and has done many stupid fun things but loves having fun! She is a fun girl who doesn't like hurting anyone, she keeps her feelings to herself she may be smiling but hides her feelings as she believes no one would understand.
'Taazz you are hot'

'Tasnima you are so sweet and cute'
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The most beautiful girl to have graced this world. Has a shining smile, the most adorable cheeks, is so full of love and life. She is intelligent, absolutely hilarious, has an adorable voice and is bite-sized!

She is very playful and innocent but watch out because she can be a devil too.

She is the light of everyone's life and makes everyone want to be the best they can be.

The perfect girl in every sense imaginable.
'We all need a Tasnima in our lives but they're just so rare'
by rnv_97 June 01, 2019
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